Meth under the microscope

Meth or ‘P’ contamination within homes and buildings is becoming a growing concern for tenants, landlords and prospective new home owners. Insurance companies and banks are increasingly asking for testing of properties prior to insuring or lending against, and with a large number of companies offering testing its difficult to know who you can trust and who best to turn to.

The Safe Sample Solutions Methamphetamine Sampling Kit gives individuals the opportunity to screen for meth contamination in properties themselves. The kit is considered to be the most cost effective lab screening method currently available in New Zealand.

Unlike presumptive immunoassay or colorimetric testing, the Safe Sampling Test method is qualitative providing the user with greater accuracy and assurance of the reliability of their results.

Is my home contaminated with meth?

General awareness about methamphetamine has increased over the last year in New Zealand. Whilst in most instances this is well warranted, there are also companies working in meth detection looking to cash in on the hysteria. They will do this by charging a low fee to come out to screen your home on the basis that they will conduct the follow up detailed investigation.

Meth Locations in the home

The Safe Sampling Test Kit allows you to undertake screening of a building to identify if there is a potential risk to human health. The sample is analysed by an IANZ accredited laboratory, which can provide an accurate result unlike the hand held instant kits which can return a false negative result (indicating the house is free of methamphetamine when it actually is not).

As with all sampling techniques the result is only as good as the sampling technique. With our in-depth instructions and online video we can offer support to allow you the best opportunity to screen your building for methamphetamine. 

Health Risks

Meth contamination can arise from the use or the production of methamphetamine. The contaminants associated with cooking and smoking of meth find their way into porous building products and can remain at levels which can be harmful to human health.

Health problems may include breathing problems, respiratory irritation, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. High exposures even for a short time can cause death or severe lung damage and skin or throat burns.

The Ministry of Health have developed a set of guidelines which identify a safe level contaminant which can remain in building products. If contaminants exceed this level remediation is recommended.

How does the kit work?

The kit has been designed as a screening tool to identify whether there is a potential for a home to contain contaminants. This offers a cost effective alternative to engaging an industry professional to undertake screening or sampling of your home.

As the contaminates associated with cooking or smoking methamphetamine can vary in locations within the house, the screening kit has been developed to sample multiple locations to form a composite sample. The sample is then analysed by an IANZ accredited laboratory and results are reviewed by suitable qualified environmental scientists to identify if there is a potential risk to human health.