Where is methamphetamine found?

Meth can easily be produced in makeshift drug laboratories using crude methods and readily available chemicals (precursors).  Meth labs can be found in a wide array of locations including homes, hotels, abandoned buildings and vehicles, etc. The cooking of meth involves a range of highly volatile and hazardous chemicals which can often finds its way into porous materials of the building (e.g plaster walls, carpet) at levels which can potentially be harmful to human health.

It is important to note that it is not always obvious to identify a house where meth has been manufactured, often tell tale signs can be masked at times of inspection. The New Zealand Police have further information, including typical signs that a property is being used for meth manufacturing.

Sampling Areas

When sampling it is important to target the areas of concern, these will be the porous materials near the area of cooking or smoking has occurred. 

The cooking of meth will often involve the use of a hotplate or stove, in order to remove the fumes from the cook area often extractor fans are installed in unusual locations or cooking is undertaken beneath windows, sampling should be targeted at the top of the walls near extraction fans or windows. Precursor chemicals can be very corrosive, when disposed there can be potential staining of the concrete, particularly on outside drains.

Typical areas where smoking may have occurred could be communal living areas and bedrooms, identify signs of smoking (used cigarettes or smoking devices).