COVID-19 Update: Lab closed until further notice for non-essential services.

Posted by Safe Sampling Solutions on

Due to the government Level 4 response to the Coronavirus threat, our laboatory is closed to non-essential services and is therefore unable to analyse samples until further notice.

If you consider your activity to be an essential service as defined "Any entity involved in building and construction related to essential services and critical infrastructure, including those in the supply and support chain" or " Any entity involved in any work required to address immediate health or life safety risks, or to prevent serious environmental harm, and relevant essential supply chain elements", then we can have your samples analysed, however please bear in mind there may be some delay in getting a result.

Any non-essential samples submitted to us will be held and analysed when the lab re-opens, or samples holders can request they be returned. Basic asbestos sampling kits are still available for purchase for essential services, but due to stock holdings we are unable to offer other products at this time. Please be aware of probable delays in having samples analysed when purchasing our products. Thank you for your understanding and please do the right thing by keeping up your physical distancing from others.