How the Process Works

1. Order

Order your kit online (free shipping).

2. Receive Kit

Receive your kit via courier. We use CourierPost and offer same day shipping (Mon-Fri) for morning orders.

3. Register Details Online

Each kit contains a unique code which needs to be activated online.

This assigns your result to you, without completing this step your results cannot be sent to you.

4. Take Sample

Sample your material in accordance with the sampling instructions for asbestos

NZ Post Courier Post

5. Send Sample

Place your sample into the sample bag (asbestos). Be sure to fill in the label and attach it to the bag or tube.

Complete the chain of custody filling in all details especially your unique code, this identifies the result to you.

Delivery can take 3-5 working days, however you can upgrade the postage to 24 hr signed courier at your nearest post shop.

6. Receive Results via email

Expect results within 3 working days. Our results include a summary and a detailed analysis.

Expert Support

7. Support

For support please use our online support form.