Asbestos Fibres

The cheapest solution to home testing for asbestos

Asbestos was a common building product and is often found in buildings constructed before year 2000. Asbestos products can range from stipple ceilings and cement sheeting to vinyl flooring and lathe and plaster walls. There are over 3000 products containing asbestos.

In an undisturbed state asbestos is unlikely to present a risk to human health, but by disturbing asbestos products through DIY techniques (like sawing, drilling or sanding) asbestos fibres can be released. Asbestos fibres present a risk to you and your family when released. Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

The Safe Sampling Solutions Asbestos Sampling Kit allows you to safely sample building material which you are planning to work on or that you have concerns over (i.e. a badly damaged ceiling). Samples are sent to an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis, typically taking 48 hours from sample receipt.

Safe Sampling Solutions provide information about sampling procedures and a free customer support number, which can provide advice on how best to react based on the results. Please note that some materials do not contain asbestos in a homogenous form, meaning that inadequate sampling could return a false negative result. If in any doubt about a material please call 0800 472 675 to discuss arranging for a IP402 qualified professional to undertake the sampling. PCBUs require an management plan to manage asbestos in the workplace, for more information about these regulatory requirements, please visit the Building Material Information System (BMIS) at