About SSS

Meth SamplingSafe Sampling Solutions was developed by a group of occupational hygiene experts who work in the industry for assessing risks to human health. The idea was developed to allow an easy, cost effective and accurate way for members of the public to gain more information on hazardous materials within their home or building which may pose a risk to their or their family's health. The media often sensationalises the presence of asbestos within residential homes but offers no options for home owners to assess risks at an affordable rate. 

Safe Sampling kits provide the user with the personal protective equipment and information necessary to enable them to collect a representative or screening sample from areas of concern. The sample is then sent to an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis and the results will identify whether a contaminant is absent, present or potentially present at levels which will impact human health. The results are reviewed by our team of qualified environmental scientists who can provide further information on the best way to proceed.