Full Asbestos DIY Sampling Kit with IANZ Laboratory testing

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Asbestos Do It Yourself (DIY) Sampling Kit - Full Kit with testing from an IANZ accredited laboratory.

Are you planning on refurbishing your building? If so, do you know whether the building material contains asbestos? 

The Safe Sampling Solutions asbestos sampling kit allows you to safely sample building materials which you are planning on disturbing/removing or you have concerns over (e.g. a badly damaged ceiling). Samples are sent to an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis, which typically takes 2-3 working days from sample receipt.

Full Test Kit includes the following:

  • Laboratory analysis for one sample, with the option to add additional samples;
  • Instruction manual and link to instructional video; 
  • Type 5 coveralls;
  • P2 dusk mask;
  • Nitrile gloves;
  • Wet wipe; 
  • Specialised sealant to cover the sample area;
  • Disposal bag;
  • Sample bags;
  • Pre-paid courier bag with Chain of Custody forms for sending your samples to the lab; and
  • Support from qualified environmental specialists.

In addition you will need the following to safely take a sample:

  • Needle nose pliers;
  • Small paint brush; and 
  • Water spray bottle.

Safe Sampling Solutions was developed by a group of people who work in the industry for assessing risks to human health. The idea was developed to allow an easy, cost effective and accurate way for members of the public to safely gain more information on hazardous materials within their home or building which may pose a risk to their or their family's health.

Note: This product is intended for the DIYer who is planning a job for the future or has uncovered building material they are unsure about. For workplaces or PCBU’s (person contracted to undertake paid work in a residential dwelling), asbestos samples are required by the Health and Safety at Work Regulations (Asbestos) 2016 to be taken by a competent person. The Worksafe Good Practice Guidelines for conducting Asbestos Surveys indicates that “People identifying asbestos should have the knowledge and skills to identify or assume the presence of asbestos through training, qualifications and experience.” PCBUs should only use these kits where an unexpected suspicious material has been identified and a qualified asbestos assessor is not available at short notice. For more information, see https://worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/asbestos/

1. Order

Order your kit online (free shipping).

2. Receive Kit

Receive your kit via courier. We use CourierPost and offer same day shipping (Mon-Fri) for morning orders.

3. Register Details Online

Each kit contains a unique code which needs to be activated online.

This assigns your result to you, without completing this step your results cannot be sent to you.

4. Take Sample

Sample your material in accordance with the sampling instructions for asbestos

NZ Post Courier Post

5. Send Sample

Place your sample into the sample bag (asbestos). Be sure to fill in the label and attach it to the bag or tube.

Complete the chain of custody filling in all details especially your unique code, this identifies the result to you.

Delivery can take 3-5 working days, however you can upgrade the postage to 24 hr signed courier at your nearest post shop.

6. Receive Results via email

Expect results within 3 working days. Our results include a summary and a detailed analysis.

Expert Support

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